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We recognise the importance of keeping your stores and the wider street, accessible and welcoming, and we will work hard with the Royal Borough and their contractors, FM Conway, to ensure we mitigate any potential impacts during the improvement works. Importantly, access to stores will be maintained at all times. For more information see our FAQs below.

Keeping you informed

Cadogan’s Head of Place Giles Semper will continue to keep you informed on all developments regarding Sloane Street and any potential impact on your store. If you have any comments or feedback, please contact Steven directly on:

Telephone: 020 3841 0906


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below responses to some frequently asked questions. However if you have any queries that are not addressed here please do not hesitate to contact Steven.

How will this new scheme impact on parking for my clients?

There will be 14 spaces available for parking in the Southern section.

Will Clients be able to drop off outside my store?

No. The new inset bays provided in the final scheme can be used for deliveries at any time.

The phasing of the works will ensure that access is maintained to all retail frontages for the full duration of the works.

Will cars be able to park outside on Sundays?

Yes, on Sundays 14 spaces will be available, where there are single yellow lines.

Will the new trees obscure my shop window from the road?

No, trees will be selected that will have a crown that begins approximately 3m above pavement level.

What factors influenced the design of the planters?

The planters have been designed in granite with an elegant curved profile. Anti-social behaviour such as littering and security has been taken into account.

How long will the scheme take to complete?

The constructions works will take approximately two years.

How long will people be working outside my store?

The works are currently being programmed by RBKC and the contractor. We will notify you in due course of specific timings of the works.

Who do I call if there is an issue out of hours?

Contact details will be confirmed at a later date, ahead of works starting.

Will this new scheme improve air quality?

Air quality is principally linked to vehicle speed and flow on the street. There is unlikely to be a significant change in air quality.

Will this new scheme increase vehicle congestion?

Traffic modelling shows that the proposed scheme made no noticeable difference to congestion or journey times.

Will there be extra window cleaning provided for during the buildings works?

Yes, extra cleaning for the street will be provided when required.

How will customers gain access to my store while the building work takes place?

Access must always be maintained whilst works are being undertaken on site.

Will the works impact footfall to my store?

Access to all shops will be maintained during the construction phases.

Will the scheme be delivered all at once?

The scheme will be delivered in three main phases:

  • Southern Section (Sloane Square to Cadogan Gate)
  • Central Section (Cadogan Gate to Cadogan Place)
  • North Section (Cadogan Place to Knightsbridge)

You can read more about the delivery of the scheme here.

Will the scheme be delivered all at once?

The scheme will be delivered in three main phases:

  • Southern Section (Sloane Square to Cadogan Gate)
  • Central Section (Cadogan Gate to Cadogan Place)
  • North Section (Cadogan Place to Knightsbridge)

You can read more about the delivery of the scheme here.

Will we be able to undertake works to our store during the period of the public realm works?

Yes, in principle, although priority will be given to the public realm works. Any works to premises would be subject to the usual approvals from both Cadogan and RBKC.

Will the planting obstruct the view of our store from the road?

No. We have selected multi-stem trees with leaf cover that is not overly dense.

Will the planters obstruct movement up and down the street?

No. The planters are aligned with the kerbs and the pavements are being widened.

Will the planters deter hostile vehicles?

The whole scheme has been designed to deter hostile vehicles by adding large obstacles at key points. The scheme has not however been designed to a PAS (impact performance) rating.

Will we be notified when works are about to take place outside our store?

Yes. We will let you know as soon as we are able about works in close proximity to your store.

Two community liaison officers from FM Conway have been appointed by Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC) to notify retailers of forthcoming works and to handle any questions that may arise during the works.  Cadogan will also be in regular contact with all stakeholders to provide updates as the programme of works  progresses.

Will there still be the same amount of parking on the street during and after the works?

Car parking on the street was reviewed in the planning of the scheme. The scheme will include 71 spaces, all of them in bays, which meets current capacity.

Will the bus stops remain in their existing locations?

No – not all of them. Stop KK outside Louis Vuitton has been moved temporarily. In due course it will be moved again to its final location. The stop outside Cadogan Hotel will be moved to another location. Bus stop A outside Hackett will not be moving. Bus stop C outside HT Church will not be moving. Bus stop KN to be confirmed.

Will the new scheme increase traffic congestion?

No.  Extensive traffic modelling has taken place and the scheme has been designed to allow current levels of traffic to flow freely.

Will the works interrupt Christmas trading in ’23 and ’24?

It is our ambition that the works to the north and south sections will largely be suspended in the run-up to Christmas. A traffic diversion may however still be in place.

Will the public realm works impact my refuse collection?

It is unlikely that refuse collection cycles will change.  Retailers will however be advised if any temporary arrangements are required. The community liaison officers will assist with co-ordination.

Will the public realm works make my store more accessible?

Generally no as to achieve level access requires works both externally and internally. For some stores the access may however be improved.

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