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Thank you to those who attended the Sloane Street Residents Meeting on Tuesday 28th May to receive a project update and discuss the public realm works. Following feedback from residents, we have increased the frequency of these meetings from quarterly to every other month. These dates will be publicised through the newsletter and on our website.

The next meeting will be held on 30th July 2024, 6pm–7pm.

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Should you be unable to join the meeting on Zoom, or if you would prefer a face-to-face meeting, we can arrange this for you. Please email in this case.

Past events

In July 2016, we hosted our first ‘meet the team’ events where attendees were able find out more about the upcoming works and see visualisations of how Sloane Street will look once construction is complete. Members of the project team were on hand to discuss the construction programme and answer questions.

You can see a copy of the boards used at this meet the team session here.

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Please see below responses to some frequently asked questions.

However, if you have any further queries that are not addressed below please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the construction work likely to entail?

Building a scheme with this level of ambition will require construction work for an extended period. Works will include replacing all carriageway and footway surface materials, changing the carriageway alignments, upgrading lighting, installing trees and planting in new planters and revising parking arrangements.

Will Sloane Street remain open to traffic for the duration of the works?

A. On January 7th/8th 2023, the northbound lane of Sloane Street (the left-hand side, as you look north from Sloane Square) will close to traffic. Two major diversions will be put in place. They can be viewed here.

  • Eastbound traffic through Sloane Square will no longer be able to turn left into Sloane Street. Instead, it will be diverted via Eaton Square, Hobart Place and Grosvenor Place, joining Knightsbridge at Hyde Park Corner.
  • Traffic on Pont Street will no longer be able to turn left (if heading east) and right (if heading west) towards Knightsbridge. Instead, it will be diverted via Belgrave Square and Upper Belgrave Street to the above diversion route via Eaton Square, Hobart Place and Grosvenor Place.
  • Southbound traffic on Sloane Street will not be affected.

B. The closure of the northbound lane is to allow FM Conway to begin laying the final public realm scheme on Sloane Street. During this period, pedestrian traffic on the west side of the street will be diverted to the outside of the work compounds as shown here. Access to the front of commercial and residential properties will be maintained, but with defined access points as illustrated here.


  • A bubble diagram showing the proposed works phasing can be viewed here.
  • In late summer 2023, work will move to the eastern side of the street and the southbound lane of Sloane Street will close to traffic. This website will be updated in due course to reflect this change.
  • Please note that all plans may be subject to revision.
How long will the scheme take to complete?

The constructions works will take approximately two years. Please refer to our news and news page which is regularly updated with the latest information.

Is there a risk of rat running when the northbound lane closure goes in?

It will take some time for traffic to adjust to the lane closure. The council will monitor vehicle movements and expects to deploy advance warning signs outside the immediate vicinity of Sloane Street. Further signage can be deployed if there prove to be particular issues/concerns.

How will you seek to mitigate the impacts of construction?

We are committed to doing all we can to minimise noise and disruption. Contractors will commit to giving the utmost consideration to their impact on neighbours and the public.

Construction vehicles will be routed to travel along primary roads and avoid routes through residential areas wherever possible. A detailed Construction Traffic Management Plan will be agreed with RBKC to reduce the impact of construction traffic as much as possible.

Will any parking or cycle bays be suspended on Sloane Street or surrounding roads?

Suspension of parking bays and cycle facilities will be required throughout the duration of the project to safely facilitate completion of the works.

Will the location of the bus stops change?
For the final scheme, the bus stop locations are confirmed as follows:

  • Bus stop KK outside Louis Vuitton has been moved temporarily. As part of works to the eastern footway, it will be moved to its final position.
  • Bus stop A outside Hackett will not be moving.
  • Bus stop C outside Holy Trinity Church will not be moving.
  • Bus stop KM has already been relocated to its final position.
  • Bus Stop KL opposite the Danish Embassy will be relocated north of its current position as part of the works to the eastern footway.
How will buses be diverted during the northbound lane closure?

Bus routes affected by the closure of the northbound lane will be temporarily relocated onto the following diverted routes:

  • Routes 19, N19, 22, 137 & N137 towards Finsbury Park, Oxford Circus & Marble Arch; Divert at Sloane Square – Cliveden Place – Eaton Gate – Eaton Square – Hobart Place – Grosvenor Place – Hyde Park Corner and return to normal routing
  • Route 452 towards Ladbroke Grove; Divert at Sloane Square – Cliveden Place – Eaton Gate – Eaton Square – Hobart Place – Grosvenor Place – Hyde Park Corner – Knightsbridge and return to normal routing
  • Route C1 towards White City; Divert at Elizabeth Street right Eaton Square – Belgrave Place – Chesham Place – Pont Street – Beauchamp Place – Brompton Road and return to normal routing
Will the proposals have any impact on air quality in the local area?

Air quality is principally linked to vehicle speed and flow on the street. There is unlikely to be a significant change in air quality.

What consultation has been undertaken on the proposals?

RBKC consulted widely and extensively on the proposals. Full details of the consultation can be found here and the council’s key decision report is here.

Overall, 75% of respondents support the plans.

When are noisy works allowed to be carried out?

Hours of work will be from 8am until 6pm Monday – Friday and 8am until 1pm on a Saturday, with work finishing earlier on darker evenings or in poor weather conditions. Work may continue past 6pm on weekdays without prior notification if the work is not noisy. There will be occasions where extended working hours on a weekend are required but we will try to keep the noisy works to a minimum.

Will clients be able to drop off outside my store?

The new inset bays provided in the final scheme can be used for deliveries at any time.

The phasing of the works will ensure that access is maintained to all retail frontages for the full duration of the works.

How will customers gain access on foot to my store while the building work takes place?

Pedestrian access must always be maintained whilst works are being undertaken on site.

Will this new scheme increase vehicle congestion?

Traffic modelling shows that the proposed scheme made no noticeable difference to congestion or journey times.

Will the new trees obscure my shop window from the road?

No, trees will be selected that will have a crown that begins approximately 3m above pavement level.

Maintenance teams will be regularly pruning the trees to ensure that they are kept to a reasonable size and that their leaves are cleaned off the street.

Will the planting obstruct the view of our store or movement up and down the street?

We have selected multi-stem trees with leaf cover that is not overly dense. The planters are aligned with the kerbs and the pavements are being widened so movement should not be impeded

Will the planters deter hostile vehicles?

The whole scheme has been designed to deter hostile vehicles by adding large obstacles at key points. The planters have been designed in granite with an elegant curved profile. Anti-social behaviour such as littering and security has been taken into account.

The scheme has not however been designed to a PAS (impact performance) rating.

How long will people be working outside my store?

Please see an overview of the proposed works here. For more information, please contact FM Conway’s Public Liaison Officers Helen McConnell and Cate Green at or on 07917 518 529 and 07443 077 444.

Will the public realm works impact my refuse collection?

It is unlikely that refuse collection cycles will change. Retailers will however be advised if any temporary arrangements are required. The community liaison officers will assist with co-ordination.

For residents, a new location for bags may be required and will be communicated to you during the periods of construction near to your property.

Will there be extra window cleaning provided for during the buildings works?

Yes, extra cleaning for the street will be provided when required.

Will we be able to undertake works to our store during the period of the public realm works?

Yes, in principle, although priority will be given to the public realm works. Any works to premises would be subject to the usual approvals from both Cadogan and RBKC.

Will we be notified when works are about to take place outside our store?

We will let you know as soon as we are able about works in close proximity to your store.

Two community liaison officers from FM Conway have been appointed by Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC) to notify retailers of forthcoming works and to handle any questions that may arise during the works.  Cadogan will also be in regular contact with all stakeholders to provide updates as the programme of works progresses.

More details of key contacts can be found here.

Will the works interrupt Christmas trading in ’23 and ’24?

Works to the street in the commercial sections have been suspended for the Christmas period in 2023. It is less likely that this will be able to happen in 2024.

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